jeudi, août 10, 2006

Grid computing vidéo : The Future of Software

Voici une seconde vidéo (toujours en anglais), beaucoup plus longue qui présente ce qu'est le grid computing et les futures tendances informatiques.

This is a vision for how software will be deployed and run in the near and distant future. It begins with a history of computing, from mainframes to the PC, with Apple, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates influence. It then shows how application virtualization - the elimination of software installation - is a key technical addition that frees software to travel the network and be wherever it has to be on-demand.


Voici une vidéo éditée par oracle ( sur sa vision et sa solution en grid computing.

Oracle présente le grid.

Grid computing lets our customers run applications faster than the fastest mainframe while saving money and increasing reliability. Oracle's new Grid campaign includes a Oracle Grid TV ad (15 sec.) that debuted during the 2005 NBA finals on ABC, and is currently running on cable news. See how Oracle Grid runs faster, cost less, and never breaks.